Our Seminars 

There is a very popular saying that sums it up very simply…”Knowledge is Power”. Our seminars are designed to give you just that…the knowledge you need to help you financially plan for the rest of your life. Let’s be honest, if you knew all there was to know about investing and other financial matters you would not be reading this right now.

The Atmosphere
Our seminars are presented in a comfortable and inviting setting allowing attendees to hear and view the presentation.  We use state-of-the-art technology to illustrate our topic of the evening.  We welcome an interactive audience so questions are encouraged during and after the presentation.

The Material
The material presented is designed to inform and educate you of your investment options, help you plan for retirement and guide you in setting financial goals. Attention grabbing, enlightening and informative, our seminars can answer your questions and help you establish a retirement plan or any other financial goal you may have. We educate you of your options while introducing five essential steps in planning that will help you achieve your goals. Periodically we present new and timely investment ideas exposing you to investment alternatives you may not be aware of.

Current and Different
We also present topics that are relative to current events that can affect you financially.  We strive to make each seminar different and interesting. Many of our clients attend our seminars because they learn something new every time about the principals of investing and other topics related to financial planning. If you are not a client, this gives you a great opportunity to talk with some of the individuals in the room who are. You are encouraged to approach those who have identified themselves as clients and find out just how they feel about the services we provide. 

Our Seminars and Luncheons give a general view of investing and market conditions and are not intended to replace personal investment advice.  Occasionaly guests are invited to speak at our events.  The opinions of these guest speakers may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Calton & Associates, Inc. or it's advisors.