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handshake.gifCustomer Service
Customer service is so important that it should be the top priority of any financial advisor. We have heard countless stories of advisors who did not live up to client expectations.  A common thread among these substandard advisors is the lack of service and personal attention individuals received after becoming clients.  Our clients receive ongoing personal attention and regularly scheduled account updates as we keep them informed and updated on their investments in an ever-changing economic environment.  

couple.gifRetirement Planning
Retirement is a goal that we spend a majority of our lives working towards. Whether you are 65 or 35, the choices you make today will effect your life into retirement and beyond. Determining your retirement goals alone is not enough.  You must also establish and implement a plan that will help you achieve them.  We can help you asses your current situation and determine your future retirement needs. The foundation of our business involves helping individuals in all aspects of the Retirement Planning Process.

401khand.gif 401k Rollovers
We specialize in 401K rollovers.  If you retired from your company, are older than 59 ½ years of age, or have left your company for any reason, you qualify for a 401K rollover. You therefore have the ability to select alternative retirement investment plans that offer a larger array of investment choices.  In addition, you are provided professional financial representation and advice consistent with your objectives.  We provide such 401k alternatives and advice to those who qualify.  

semgraphs.gifInvestment Management
Managing assets and selecting appropriate investments for the individual needs of clients is an important responsibility.  We have an extensive financial planning process that we apply to each client on a personal level.  Once we establish your needs and goals, we can present and implement a plan that is appropriate for you.  We pay careful attention to avoid common mistakes such as overlap and style-drift that can ruin your diversification efforts.  For a free review of your current portfolio, please contact us.

LTC.gifLong Term Care Insurance
The cost of care at home, in an assisted living facility, or in a nursing home can be very expensive.  Many are shocked when these costs are not covered under traditional health insurance policies.  Medicaid may cover a portion of the cost only when your assets have been depleted.  Long-term care insurance is used to protect your savings from the rising cost of long-term health care.  We can help answer your questions about long-term care and the many decisions involved in selecting a good policy. 

insurance.gifLife and Disability Insurance
Adequate insurance coverage is an essential building block of a secure financial plan.  Ideally, you should have enough insurance to protect your family’s interests if you suffered a sudden death or became disabled and can no longer earn an income for your family.  Unfortunately, many people today do not have sufficient insurance coverage.  We can help uncover your needs and assist you in selecting the appropriate coverage.  A complimentary insurance needs analysis can help you determine your needs.

holdhands.gifEstate Planning 
The primary objective in most estate plans is to prevent the estate transfer tax from taking a majority of the money intended for your family.  Of course, there are many other reasons all of which you should consider when planning for the orderly transfer of your assets.  If mistakes are made, there can be expensive consequences for your beneficiaries.  With an estate plan review, we can help you identify areas of concern, determine your needs and assist you in your planning efforts.

seminar_attendees.gifEducational Seminars
We hold frequent seminars where we discuss a variety of topics that can give you a better understanding of your financial picture.  These events are designed to educate and inform you about your investment options, both inside and outside your 401k.  In addition, a discussion of current events will keep you updated with news that may affect your retirement.  View upcoming schedule.


celebcouple.gif401k Direction and Advice Luncheons
For liability reasons, many companies and their 401k providers can only give general 401k guidance, often leaving the employees to look elsewhere for personal and specific investment advice.  More often than not, the employees resort to making those important decissions themselves, which many times results in making costly mistakes that may take years to recover.  We provide the direction and advice you need to help manage one of the largest investments you'll ever have, your 401k.  RSVP to our next event.

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