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About Fairway Financial

Our Mission

We see financial planning differently and seek to serve our clients through partnership and education.

The Fairway Financial Difference

The Fairway Financial Difference

Fairway Financial has served clients since 2005. We make decisions regarding our clients with the same care and attention we put into making decisions for our families. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they have a financial partner who cares for them amid life’s storms.

Being your fiduciary means we always put our clients first. We use our partnership to educate you on financial matters enabling you to take control of your financial well-being and, in turn, your whole life. At Fairway Financial, we know financial planning is about much more than investments.

One component of financial planning that we specialize in is helping our clients manage life-changing events. We can help you with retirement, changing jobs, divorce, the sale of a business, or the loss of a spouse or parent. These are the most challenging circumstances for most people, and we have a particular skill set that enables us to guide you through these emotional times.

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