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Our Process

The Importance of Having a Plan

We take an analytical approach to the planning, advice, and management of our client's wealth. We use a rigorous methodology for the research and analysis of all investment selections and planning strategies. However, we are unique in that we take an educational and common-sense approach to guiding you through our process to ensure your complete understanding. 

Our Planning Process

Step 1:

Learn About You, Your Goals for Your Money, and Your Life

We take great care in getting to know our clients and what they want their life to look like now, in the near future, and further down the road. We build relationships with our clients first. Step 1 is all about getting to know you and letting you get to know us.

Step 2:

Development of a Proactive Financial Plan

We are life planners. Your financial plan will be comprehensive, strategic, and flexible.

Step 3:

Investment Management and Financial Plan Execution

Once your plan is complete, we put it into action by making the changes needed to align your assets with your financial plan.

Step 4:

Monitor Accounts and Meet to Discuss Goals, Life Changes, and Outcomes

Life changes as we grow and we understand that your goals, dreams, and anticipated outcomes may change over time. Your financial plan is proactive, but malleable in order to leave room for growth and adjustment. We then continuously monitor how your financial plan is working for you. Through diligent monitoring, we discover how, when, and where we can tweak your plan to work better for you.

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